Welcome to Project Bitch
A 1970's Style AFP Shovelhead Stroker

About my New (Er...) Bitch..?
A 1970's Style Stroker Shovelhead F Something...

I am not entirely sure at this point if Bitch is an FX, or an FL ... But she is most assuredly an F something. So as soon as I get that figured out I'll know better which way to go with the project. However there was a day long ago when I fell in love with a 1978 Super Glide ... So that is currently the directional favorite.

Her bore is 3.625", and, her stroke is 5.5". This puts her actual displacement at 113.527", or lets just call her a 114...shall we? So with 2.5" intake valves, a compression ratio of 13:1, and a mind blowingly long list of other modifications ... She is easily fast enough to be capable of fucking time travel..

And that's putting it mildly, since she's fast enough to make the hounds of hell pee on the carpeting.

She was originally named 'Bitch' by her builder, and previous owner Wolf. So the name - to my way of thinking - is not to be changed ... However... Having a somewhat fluid attitude toward "the rules" (mine included) it has occurred to me that a bit of a nickname/subtext could - conceivably... - be added to her official 'birth certificate' class name. So...

Since the shoe fits, she will now, also, be affectionately dubbed - secondarily speaking of course - as:
                                                                                                                                        Satan's Mistress


Note: Being that she's black, and covered in skulls, didn't exactly hurt in the creation of that moniker either..

Her form may morph a bit, but her style will never change - at least not on my watch.


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