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Project Alice Research Notes
A Collection of Various Things I Had to Look Up


All prices listed (if any) are only what I could find online at the time the item was looked up. They are for referrence only and are not to be considered guaranteed by anyone.


Parts Application History
How long were which parts used in later years


Points to Ponder - Primary Gear Ratio Options
Compensating Sprocket Kit - 24T 40270-65A $318.99
Compensating Sprocket Kit - 23T 40271-65A unknown
Compensating Sprocket Kit - 22T 40272-65A $112.99
Compensating Sprocket - 24T 40275-70 $92.49
Compensating Sprocket - 23T 40282-70 $74.00
Compensating Sprocket - 22T 40280-70 $77.99

2,500RPMs @ 60MPH is a tad high - I'd rather be a bit closer to 2,000.

...And on ^that^ note, I'm about to make a hard left turn on the design requirements. Initially, one of my primary objectives was to get back to a 5-Speed transmission because the 6-Speed in my 10 makes it way to hard (like damn near impossible) to compression brake into a slide ... without scrubbing off way to much speed. However... It appears that the RevTech (Close-Ratio) 6-Speed Overdrive Gear Sets are based off of a standard 1:1 ratio 5th gear (e.g. are a true overdrive setup), and so will give me the best of all possible options. So...
Close-Ratio tranny makes hard shifts to 2nd a wheelie prone good time.
With everything lined up behind 5th staying 1:1, I still get to use 3rd to Flat Track around corners!
The ever so slightly taller - and completely optional - 6th gear will allow me to cruise at 60mph at around 2,000RPMs.
Keeping the overall lower (stock 1-5) gearing should give me a better chance of launching Alice down the track at an eye opening rate.
This configuration may cause excessive giggling.
This will require an additional shift...if I feel like it.
Okay...screw it, there really aren't any Cons...
RevTech Close-Ratio 6-Speed Overdrive Gear Set: $699.99
RevTech PN: 58326

Stock Final Drive Gearing
Front Sprocket 22 Tooth - 23 and 24 Tooth options also available.
Rear Sprocket 46 Tooth - There are no other options for this sprocket.
This configuration will not be changing as the OD Trans above
nicely handles the lower RPM highway cruising requirement.



Hydraulic Clutch Slave Cylinder Option:
I Really Like This One: PartsPro PN:200145

Plain, Discreet, Not Chrome... Perfect!
Uses Rebuild Kit HD OEM PN: 37963-02 - From 04 CVO Electra Glide



Points to Ponder - Engine Displacement Options
Bore Stroke CI Displacement Pro/Con Thoughts
  3.498   4.250 81.686   This is the Bone Stock Displacement
  3.625   4.250 87.725   Both of these options will require much machining to bore out the cases for the larger diameter skirt. The 3.812 bore option will also require moving out the cylinder base studs, at which point aftermarket cases probably are cheaper in the long run.
  3.812   4.250 97.010  
  3.498   4.500 86.491  
  3.625   4.500 92.886  
  3.812   4.500 102.716     This is the current build target (which is subject to change)
  3.498   4.625 88.894   These configurations may start taxing the ability
of the rubber mounts to hold the engine in place.
  3.625   4.625 95.466  
  3.812   4.625 105.569  
  3.625   4.750 98.046   This would be an insane custom order configuration.
  3.812   4.750 108.423   This would be an insane custom order configuration.
  3.625   5.000 103.206   This would be an insane custom order configuration.
  3.812   5.000 114.129   This would be an insane custom order configuration.
Anything higher than these is unlikely to be streetable assuming the last 4 even are,
since the objective here is to end up with something that can comfortably be
ridden two-up to Run-What-You-Brung (street) drag racing events.

hint: Extremely high-strung air-cooled engines do not fare well in traffic..


Current Engine Performance Plan for the 40 Year Old Stock Lower end is...
Stick with the classics: S&S Carb, S&S Ignition ... Might as well stick with S&S

(Evo) Hydraulic Valve Train Conversion Kit for Shovelheads - with S&S Rockers

Note: Fitment: 1966-84 HD Big Twins. Convert any shovelhead engine to a quiet, dependable 1984-'99 style hydraulic valve train. Special polished billet tappet guides allow the use of late style tappets (included) and 198-'99 style cams. S&S Quickee pushrods can be installed quickly and easily. Top end oil can be fed through the pushrods if the engine is equipped with S&S roller rocker arms, or through the stock external oil line if using stock style rocker arms. Order the appropriate kit.
S&S PN: 33-5451

S&S Roller Rocker Arm Set For 1966-1984 HD® Big Twins

Note: 1966-84 big twins SH-Series engines. S&S rocker arms for shovelhead engines are machined from 8620 steel forgings and heat treated for maximum strength. The forgings are designed to eliminate stress points and provide the strongest, most durable rocker arm possible. These roller rocker arms also feature the exclusive .750" long S&S rocker arm bushings, with 50% more load bearing surface than stock .500" bushings. An oil passage from the pushrod cup of the rocker arm to the inside of the rocker arm body allows top-end oiling through the pushrods when used in conjunction with S&S billet tappet guides and S&S Quickee pushrods. Oiling can also be done through the stock 1966-84 external oiling system. Nominal rocker ratio of 1.5:1. The roller tip reduces valve tip wear and side loading of the valve stem in high lift applications. S&S roller rocker arms are compatible with S&S billet and stock rocker boxes. Some clearancing may be required when using stock rocker boxes.
S&S PN: 900-4320A

S&S Super Stock® Cylinder Heads for 1979-1984 Big Twins - Natural
Stock Bore, Band Style Intake, Single Plug Cylinder Head Kit

Note: S&S Super Stock® band style cylinder heads for 1979-1984 HD® big twins feature a stock like appearance, but flow much better than stock heads. Heads come assembled with premium valves and S&S valve springs that can handle cams with lifts up to .590". These heads are machined for onespark plug per head and accept stock bore 74" or 80" cylinders. These cylinder heads are original equipment on S&S SH-Series engines, and are a great upgrade for stock shovelheads. Rocker boxes are fastened with 5/16"-18 cap screws instead of the stock studs and nuts. KIt includes front and rear cylinder head assemblies, rocker box gaskets, copper head gaskets, exhaust gaskets, hardware, and instructions.
Natural aluminum finish: S&S PN: 90-1498

S&S 3-1/2" Bore Cylinder Set for 1966-1984 HD® Big Twins

Note: This 3-1/2" bore gloss black cylinder set is for 1966-'84 80" big twins and stock bore strokers. They are 5.330" in length and are made from high strength engineering-grade grey cast iron. They offer excellent wear resistance and a durable powdercoat finish.
S&S PN: 91-9021

S&S 3-1/2" HC Forged Pistons for 1978-1984 HD® Big Twins

Note: These 3-1/2" standard bore high compression pistons fit 1979-1984 big twin engines, producing 9:1 compression with stock unmodified cylinder heads.. The modern alloys used in these pistons, coupled with the advanced skirt profiles, allow them to be fit tighter resulting in low engine noise and long engine life. In the past, this could only be achieved with weaker cast pistons. S&S will fit these pistons to your existing cylinders (when purchasing new cylinders, pistons can be fit to them as an option).
S&S PN: 106-5519

And then (for now) go with an Andrews EV27 to see how much yummy we can pull out of
the bone stock - albeit high compression - displacement.


So... With just looking at the basic parts requirements...
Evo Valve Train Conversion Kit: $870.52
Roller Rocker Arm Set: $520.90
Super Stock Cylinder Head Kit: $1,383.14
Stock Bore Cylinder Set: $844.52
9.1:1 High Compression Piston Kit: $322.58
Andrews EV27 Cam: $160.00
Grand Total: $4,101.66
This stage of the project is not exactly going to be that ea$y..

End of the Current Engine Performance Plan


Completely Insane Option - Sorensen Performance 4.250" Bore Shovelhead
While it very well may never happen, I've always wanted to do a 120ci Square Bore...

4.250" Bore Billet Cylinders   -   BigBore Billet Shovelheads

But at least I know it could happen...


The Stock cylinder length is 5.330" for Stock 4.250" stroke Engines


As an FYI - Here's the formula to convert between horsepower and torque. At 5252 rpm, they are equal.

(Torque x Engine speed) / 5,252 = Horsepower


Exhaust System Option - JP Cycles/Paughco
Of which there are currently only one.

Paughco 2-into-1 Headpipes:   $245.99
Manufacturer Part Number: 733C4

Paughco 29" Megaphone Universal Muffler:   $135.99
Manufacturer Part Number: 613

Not the most ideal option, but at least it is a 2-into-1 exhaust system.


Alternate/Replacement Seat Options
Mustang: 75047

It appears (reviews seem to conflict) that this seat may be taller than the stock seat (very bad).

Also pondering the LePera Maverick or Route66





In The Begining...

1980-1983 Rubber Shovel Factory Specifications
I'm still trying to get some of this stuff confirmed because some of the numbers are currently unavailable

General Information

Model: Harley-Davidson FLTC 1340 Tour Glide Classic
Years: 1980, 1981, 1982, and 1983
Category: Sport Touring
Top Speed: 102.5 mph (165.0 km/h)

Engine and Transmission

Displacement: 81.686 cubic inches (1337.74 cc)
Engine Type: Shovelhead: Air Cooled OHV Four-Stroke V-Twin
Bore x Stroke: 3.498 x 4.250 inches (88.8 x 108.0 mm)
Valves per Cylinder: 2
Horse Power: 1980: 60.00 HP @ 4800 RPM
1981-83: 65.00 HP @ 5400 RPM
Torque: 1980: 67.0 lb-ft @ 3,600 RPM
1981-83: 71.5 lb-ft @ 3,800 RPM
Compression Ratio: 1980: 8.0:1
1981-83: 7.4:1
Transmission type: 5-speed Manual
Final Drive: Enclosed Chain

Chassis, Suspension, Brakes and Wheels

Wheel Base: 60.63 inches
Overall Length: 94.2 inches
Overall Width: 37 inches
Overall Height: 62.0 inches
Saddle Height: 28.0 inches
Road Clearance: 5.1 inches
Front tire: 5.10-16
Rear tire: 5.10-16
Front Tire Pressure: 24 PSI   (Max Loaded Pressure: 24 PSI)   (or With Modern Tires: 28 PSI)
Rear Tire Pressure: 26 PSI   (Max Loaded Pressure: 32 PSI)   (or With Modern Tires: 36 PSI)
Front brakes: 10" Dual disc
Rear brakes: 10" Single disc

Physical Measures and Capacities

Dry Weight: 725 pounds
Curb Weight: 782.6 pounds
Total Fuel Capacity: 5.0 gallons
Reserve: 0.7 gallons
Oil Tank: 4 quarts - 20w-50
Transmission: 1 pint - 75w-90
Rear Chaincase: 6 ounces - Same Oil as Transmission
Primary Chaincase: Wet Only - Oil recirculates through engine