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My Brother's 1985 FLTC - Nightmare

About my Brother's Bike Named Nightmare
This is really just a testimonial to the infectious nature of that which is known as a Bagger...

It all started when my brother took Alice for a ride...

He'd ridden hardtails, softails, and spent a bunch of time on rice ...(back in-the-day)... But a Bagger? (Ick...) That's an Old Farts bike.. Or so he thought until he saw what you can do with one if you're truly -(Nutz)- creative.

So my brother and I are down at the local bike shop to see what might be available in an Evo era bagger. And we stumble across this cherry 1985 with 10k original miles for a song, but we're trying to take turns ...(or something)... at being adult about the whole 'do we really need another motorcycle' thing. We see the bike. We both think it's perfect ... But neither of us wants to commit to pulling the trigger ... Because we're both pretending to try being "Adult" ... WTF ever that shit is ... I've always rather sucked at it..

He's not good at it either...

But we were trying... And we went home.

When we got home, my wife asked what we'd been up to. And we told her what we'd found, thought, and had almost...but not quite managed to commit to going for ... Because we were trying to be practical/adult ... Which we both are notorious for royally sucking at.

She looked at us like we were both completely fucking retarded... And simply asked my brother. "Do you really want the bike?".

He said yes...

And she then simply said "Then go buy the Mother Fucker!"

My brother and I glanced at eachother for briefest of instants before a loud pop was heard as the air closed behind us. Because the race was on, and we were running WFO back to the shop to gleefully follow the instructions what we'd just been given.

So while sitting at a traffic light half way there, my brother looked over at me and said "well this is about a nightmare" ... And the name has stuck ever since..



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